Below some examples with prices. However we are happy to organize any type of cruises, big or small, according to your wishes and needs!

Dinner Cruise

The duration of our dinner cruises are usually 4-6 hours. During the evening we serve the menu of your choice. This example group is 35 persons.


18:00 Departure from Helsinki city centre. Champagne served for everyone!
18:30 Food is served, menu choice “Archipelago buffet”
20:00 Dessert, Coffee, and brandy served. A magician circles the tables showing tricks and making people laugh. Later on he has a small show for the whole audience at the same time.
21:00 The bar is open, wine is flowing and music is playing!
22:00 We arrive at the Market Square (Kauppatori)

Cruise price: 1300 Euro.
Food price: 35 persons x 34 Euro = 1190 Euro
Magician/other artist: 400 Euro
Alcoholic bewerages: 455 Euro
In total: 3345 Euro

Seminar Cruise

Our ships are excellent places for organizing company meetings and conferences, not to forget the amazing after parties in an atmosphere like no other! This example is for a group of 25 participants.


09:00 Departure Kauppatori
09:30 Coffee is served, the meeting begins
11:30 Meeting ends
12:00 Delicious salmon soup and dessert is served on board. Glas of white wine for everyone.
14:00 We arrive at Kauppatori

Cruise price: 1500 Euro
Food price: 25 persons x 18 Euro= 450 Euro
Wine: 150 Euro
Coffee: 50 Euro
In total: 2150 Euro


Destination Cruise

We have several destinations on the archipelago, such as Porvoo, Vallisaari, Suomenlinna, Lonna, Kaunissaari, Vartiosaari, Saunasaari, Stansvik mansion, Gula Villan and Kuivasaari fortress. This example is for a group of 40 participants.


10:00 Departure from Hietalahti next to the Radisson SAS hotel
11:00 Arrival at  Vallisaari, guided tour on the island
12:30 Departure from Vallisaari, Boatswain’s table menu served
14:00 We return to Kauppatori

Cruise price: 1300 Euros
Guided tour: 250 Euros
Food: 40 persons x 26 Euro= 1040 Euros
In total: 2590 Euros